Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. On the surface, this seems like really good advice. It’s similar to “always have an exit strategy,” but with the added context that eggs are notoriously fragile. Maybe you shouldn’t pack them in too tight, maybe you should plan for the worst–a collision that ends in scrambled eggs (not the delicious kind). This approach to business is not the most wishful of thinking. Even if you plan for the worst, and expect the best, you still create multiple contingency plans if you can’t commit to one plan, process, method, etc. If you dive deeper or apply this saying to real business situations, it doesn’t always jive. Some situations don’t allow for multiple paths. Sometimes multiple paths is convenient, but not so cost-effective. The success of a business relies on making the tough choices, the choices that define your business and its direction. Elon Musk seems to agree with this thought process, with one caveat.   [caption id="attachment_959" align="aligncenter" width="630"]It's OK to have all your eggs in one basket as long as you control what happens to the basket. -Elon Musk That Elon Musk is a smooth operator.[/caption]  

Eggs in One Basket = Greater Control

Think about it. If you are racing all of your Easter egg hunt competitors for a limited number of eggs, you aren’t going to want to negotiate balancing several baskets in addition to all of those sweet, sweet eggs. That’s a recipe for hunting the fewest eggs. You actually want all your eggs in one basket. Sometimes you need to wrap up all of your eggs and protect them like a mother hen. Once you’ve secured your eggs, move forward with your safeguarded egg package and dominate. That being said, whether you have all your eggs in one basket or many, the Divvy App helps you manage them with ease and efficiency. Our Divvy platform consolidates all your payment forms into one, unified form, and lets you keep an eye on company spend. You build team budgets and control expenses at the spender level. It’s a way to set the target and guide the arrow into a controlled bullseye. Divvy Live Reports generate as your team spends. It also completely eliminates filing expense reports (if there’s anything more opposite of chocolate bunnies, it’s expense reports). Oh, and it’s free. This has been one big giant metaphor, brought to you by Team Divvy. Enjoy Easter and get all those business eggs in one basket!

About Divvy

Divvy dug deep to create the world’s first free, fully-automated budgeting and expense management platform, giving businesses instant visibility and control into company-wide spend. Born from loathing a truly broken process, Divvy turned that legitimate dislike into the catalyst to reinvent. Not even innovate: burn to the ground, salt the earth, and build something that works on new ground—from scratch. Whether all your eggs are in one basket or many, Divvy helps you manage them with ease and efficiency. Here’s a little Easter gift from us to you: Early Access to Divvy’s Beta. ©2017 Divvy, all rights reserved. Divvy is a registered trademark of DivvyPay.  ]]>

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