Take control of your budgets.

Easily set up budgets to manage all your spending. Budgets can be set by team, project, event, or any other category you want to track your spending.


Here’s why businesses overspend

No visibility

Budget owners can’t aim for a target they can’t see. Waiting for the month-end financial close leaves people in the dark about how much they can spend now.

No spending controls

Giving employees a blank check or access to your total credit limit leads to overspending. A set spending limit creates accountability and protects your budget.

Divvy gives you real-time visibility and control.

Everything about your budget is visible—and editable—in our web and mobile apps. Add or remove people and adjust their funds anytime. You’re in complete control.

Control spending with
in-the-moment visibility.

Budget your way.

Set up budgets by team, department, project, or whatever makes sense for your business.

Create living budgets.

Go beyond static spreadsheets with tools that connect your budgets to spending and real-time tracking.

Get in-the-moment visibility.

See spending as it happens, and track current budget balances anytime, anywhere—without updating macros.

Manage spend proactively.

With budgets tied to individual spending limits that you set, no one can overspend. Period.

Track combined spend.

Track credit card and non-credit-card spend against assigned budgets in one central place.

See into the future.

Review all expenses for the coming month and adjust totals with the Forecast tab.

What customers are saying about budgets in Divvy

“I believe we’re saving thousands of dollars a quarter as a result of real-time budget tracking. Before Divvy, people would ask where they were against their budgets, and now we know.”

– Lou Lombardo

“We don’t really have one big budget. We have a lot of cost centers. With custom fields in Divvy, we can track spending our way.”

– Matt Hensley

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