Most people hate repetitive tasks and few things are as tedious, repetitive, and frustrating as expense reports. If you think your current reporting system is at least tolerable, you’re fooling yourself. “There’s no greater truth than “expense reports suck.” Ok, maybe there are greater truths than that, but we guarantee your employees hate doing them.

If you want your expense reports to be accurate (and no one wants to have to do them again because of errors) then you have to be pretty thorough, both in keeping track of expenses and in the actual compiling of reports. It can be downright maddening keeping everything straight: purchases, receipts, expense codes, what’s reimbursable, what’s not, etc.

Some expense management systems try to get around this by allowing you to do some of the work at the time of purchase. Most of these systems are clunky though, making the task inconvenient (especially if there’s a line behind you). And while completing an expense report at the end of the month removes the inconvenience, it certainly makes things a lot harder to remember (and hold onto).

As anyone who’s traveled for work knows, work trips aren’t vacations. You’re on the company dime, so you’re under pressure to be as productive (and as quick) as possible. This means travelers already feel stressed before they even think about tracking their expenses. Likewise, the finance team is already working a full-time before end-of-month reports start flooding in, and they feel extra pressure to make sure they are through with each report. In other words, everyone would rather spend their time doing something else.

Are you ready to make the expense reporting process easier for everyone on your team? And yes, that was a rhetorical question. With Divvy, you can automate expenses and expense reporting. With our integrated payment system and expense tracking, travelers can relax and forget about keeping all those pesky receipts. The finance team can stop worrying about fraud and errors because they can track spending in real-time and can make decisions based on current data rather than info that’s over a month old. And you can rest easy knowing your team doesn’t have to stress about expense reports ever again.

If you’re interested in finally solving this long-standing problem, contact Divvy today to try it out for yourself.

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