Business travel is a far cry from a vacation. While there are occasionally some enjoyable moments, it’s not exactly “kick back, and relax” kind of travel. First of all, you have all the actual business to attend to, whether it’s meeting with potential clients, attending a training, or picking the site for a new facility.

Add to that the fact that you have to keep track of all your purchases, receipts, and expenses. Then, you have filing an expense report to look forward to (hopefully you haven’t lost any of those receipts along the way). The whole process is outdated and needlessly painful.

Divvy offers a better way to relieve expense management woes, especially for you business travelers out there, with Divvy Travel.

Automated expense reporting

At the end of the month are you always running around, trying to track down receipts and other expense report information? You don’t have to anymore.

With Divvy, all transactions are automatically tracked, which means you don’t have to file a formal report. Your finance team can gather the information they need right in the Divvy platform. Automation makes it easier on you, and easier on the finance department, so everyone’s happier.

Never go over budget

Since all of your expenses are tracked in real-time, and money is deducted from the funds you’ve been allocated, you won’t ever be in the financial team’s doghouse. And those who need to can make judgment calls in real-time about budgets, expenses, and how cash flow is being managed. Translation, if you need more money on the fly, you can request funds and get approval in seconds. It’s kinda like Venmo for your business.

For finance and upper management, there’s no more waiting a month to know what’s been spent. No more wondering about the financial health of the company. No more frustration with an expense management platform that doesn’t solve the problem. Divvy makes all of this possible, and more.

Best of all, while other platforms incur fees, Divvy is free to use. Plus, Divvy just got even better for travel with Divvy Travel, powered by TripActions. Maybe your business travel can start feeling more like a vacation after all?

So what are you waiting for? Contact us today and give us a try.

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