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Why Divvy chooses Elixir for the future of fintech
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Why Divvy chooses Elixir for the future of fintech

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Your expense management software is the financial foundation for your company. It informs strategic decision-making and helps you align key business objectives. 

At Divvy, we’re committed to streamlining expense management into one, beautiful package. We look to the future with a focus on innovation and it’s critical that our engineering processes model that mindset—that’s why we use Elixir as our programming language.

Elixir provides speed and scalability

As a financial software company, trust is one of our most important values. Our customers trust us with the very data that shapes their bottom line. 

From day one, we knew that Elixir was the right tool to match those aims. Elixir strikes a critical balance between speed and scalability. It has matched our speed of development and our desire to deliver software to the customer at an astonishing pace. Elixir has also provided a robust and reliable ecosystem that allows us to build an application customers can depend on. 

While our engineering team is continually evaluating whether or not we’re using the right tools, we’ve never strayed from Elixir. As a functional language, Elixir has helped us to safeguard our software against bugs or other issues with data. 

In a fintech scenario, data is really important—being off by even a penny is a big deal—and Elixir has been able to match our high standards.

A more equitable engineering experience

Elixir is able to offer complexity and simplicity. As a more straightforward language, Elixir allows our engineers to jump in and be more productive right away. Many of our employees weren’t proficient in Elixir before joining Divvy, but the language allows them to learn quickly and ramp up faster. 

There’s an immense feeling of satisfaction that comes from working hard at something and then sharing it with customers. When we deploy software written in Elixir, this process is pretty simple. Our engineers don’t have to spend as much time managing the software development process, instead, they’re able to focus on building software that will delight customers. 

Plus, because Elixir is a relatively newer language, we see a really great sense of equity in our engineering squads. Experienced engineers and junior programmers alike are able to collaborate in the learning journey. Without ego getting in the way, our team works together to build a great product.

Customer focus drives our process

At Divvy, our engineering and product teams are obsessed with our customers. User feedback informs our product roadmap at every turn, and Elixir helps empower that. 

Not to mention, Elixir has built an amazing community of engineers. The Elixir community is full of passionate, helpful people with very little ego—people who are focused on real-life applications that make a tangible difference for customers. 

These are the kind of people that Divvy loves to hire. Elixir offers a competitive advantage in and of itself, allowing us to hire engineers who are passionate about innovation. These innovative personalities are the same types of engineers who are passionate about the customer experience. 

Divvy customers trust us to build the financial foundation of their company. With Elixir, that foundation becomes even more stable, scalable, and secure.

Learn why financial leaders trust the power of Divvy and Elixir—get a demo today.

Elixir FAQs

What is Elixir?

Elixir is a functional programming language designed for building applications. While it is relatively new compared to other languages, many cloud-based companies are building on Elixir because of its speed and scalability.

Who uses Elixir?

Elixir is used by growing startups and major companies who are looking to build scalable applications. Companies who are using Elixir include PepsiCo, Moz, Pinterest, Toyota, and Divvy.

Why is Elixir so popular?

In 2019, renowned computer scientist Joe Armstrong famously tweeted about how using Elixir was—in and of itself—a competitive advantage, leading to increased popularity. Companies and programmers who favor Elixir cite its nimbleness, reliability, speed, and scalability.

Is Elixir easy to learn?

Elixir was built on Ruby and Erlang and presents the strengths and challenges of these languages. We find that our engineers are able to pick up Elixir pretty quickly, even if they weren’t familiar with the language beforehand.

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