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The software tools your business needs to thrive – for free.
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The software tools your business needs to thrive – for free.

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At Divvy, we believe some things are just better when they are free. Like extra guacamole, coffee refills, parking — and expense management software. So even though we’re still waiting for Chipotle to get on board with the guac, Divvy is the expense management solution that gives your business the tools to succeed, absolutely free.

Check out just a few of the great features and tools that Divvy customers get for free and start spending smarter – for less.

Employee Reimbursements

Even when companies effectively manage their expenses, transactions such as cash and mileage reimbursements can be a challenge to control and track — and often slip through the cracks at month’s end. 

Plus, the old way of managing employee reimbursements is messy and time consuming: 

  • Employees use their personal credit cards for purchases.
  • Managers nag their employees to fill out and submit an expense report, often using outdated and inefficient spreadsheets.
  • Managers give approval once they have the info they need.
  • Employees wait at least a week or more for reimbursement.

Most business transactions can be easily spent and tracked within Divvy on a card. But for those transactions that simply can’t be put on a card, Divvy Reimbursements makes it easy to track and manage even out-of-pocket or cash transactions. Divvy’s free reimbursements tool allows you to quickly reimburse employees via ACH transfer and still track that spending in real time, against your budget.

 “We used Expensify® and people would submit reimbursements however they wanted. With Divvy, having one system for reimbursements and other card charges has been really amazing—it’s made tracking so much easier.”

Josh Linton, CIO at VLCM

Virtual Cards

Free virtual cards are a customer favorite within the Divvy platform. A virtual card is a unique 16-digit card number that’s digitally-generated and tied to your account. You can use a virtual card for online payments everywhere, keep your real card number protected, and still have complete control.

Virtual card creation is immediately available to all Divvy customers for free, and can instantly empower all employees to spend as needed to keep your business running smoothly. 

With virtual cards you can create a temporary card for one-time use, or a subscription card for ongoing payments. Link cards to a specific budget and set limits for easy spend control. And in the event of a cancellation or dispute, the virtual card can be immediately frozen or turned off for better fraud protection.

Best of all, you can create as many virtual cards as you need without any annual or cardholder fees.

Budget Tracking

Divvy’s free spend management platform makes it easy to avoid going over budget. With Divvy’s budget tracking tools, you can ensure that your employees stay within your defined budget limits and that your team doesn’t overspend with unexpected charges each month.

Employees can easily request funds, and you can instantly see where every dollar is spent. Rather than building your budgeting strategy using outdated numbers in a static spreadsheet, Divvy’s budgeting software syncs automatically with employee cards so you can stop overspending and get real-time visibility into spend by department, team, project, or individual budget.

Expense Software

Tracking down receipts, setting approvals, monitoring the sharing of company cards, and setting budgets are time hogs for any business. Divvy’s all-in-one expense management software costs you nothing and consolidates spend into a single platform so you maintain total visibility and total control. 

On top of that, Divvy helps automate expense reports by capturing all the necessary information in real time. A single transaction dashboard gives you live insights into where your money is being spent, and because your employees are tracking necessary transaction information as they go, your month’s end is a breeze.

We are more excited than ever to provide our current and future customers with more ways to spend smarter without breaking the bank. Learn how you can get started with Divvy.

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