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At Divvy, we’re passionate about developing solutions for financial leaders, and have deep empathy for the problems they’re trying to solve.

Spreadsheets, manual tracking, and outdated software (i.e., everything that leads to inefficient financial processes) all make our product and design teams cringe. Our goal is to support the most efficient, in-the-flow-of-work processes possible, and to make our solutions intuitive and seamless for every employee and financial leader.

This design methodology applies to even the most seemingly basic parts of Divvy. The devil is in the details, and we love to ensure that even the smallest, simple parts of Divvy have an impact and are effective. For example, when it comes to statements on your Divvy account, we could have copied and pasted the industry standard format, which is confusing and crowded. Instead, we followed our desire to find the right solution, not just the easiest one.

From ambiguous by design to designed for clarity

Anyone who has seen a credit card statement is familiar with those lengthy, inscrutable, somewhat irksome black and white documents, crammed with numbers, dates, symbols, and tiny text blurbs. These elements combine to make it overwhelming for most readers to determine what was spent, what was overdrafted or deposited, and when a payment is due.

Rather than simply copying and pasting this format, we sought to understand the needs of our customers. Quickly, common customer sentiment emerged: I feel like traditional credit card statements are ambiguous by design, so that I am tricked into paying more fees on purpose, because it’s not clear how much I owe, or when my balance is due.

Customers wanted their statements to be transparent and easy to read. Because transparency is a key value for Divvy, we were very intentional in our approach to statements.    

Delightful, simple statements

Financial statements are consumed by many audiences, beyond just admins and financial leaders. Lenders, auditors, and even government agencies may request these from our customers, so our statements need to be honest, simple, and trustworthy. Further, financial leaders have more important analysis to do than trying to uncover simple things like fees and their balance. 

We believe everything on a statement should be clear, and easy to understand. To accomplish this, we built a system that allows the information to “breathe,” so users can easily find the most important information.

Overall, our statements are meant to feel simple, refreshing, and dare we say, delightful? 

We hope you enjoy them!

Divvy is a completely free expense management platform designed to delight. Try Divvy out with a demo today.

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