Whether you’re a first-time business owner or a seasoned entrepreneur, one statement rings true for all: drafting an effective, realistic company budget and sticking to it is almost more trouble than it’s worth. In fact, experts say that the average billion-dollar company uses up to about 25k person-days every single year in trying to assemble a useful company budget.

How much time are you wasting fussing over the books?

ManyCEO’s forgo the painstaking process of developing a formal budget and simply attempt to reign in spending and cut costs across the board. This type of counterproductive spend management — as you may have already experienced — can cut high-quality costs that are essential to the company’s success just as much as it cuts ineffective expenditures.

But how are the decision makers supposed to know the true value that every purchase, refill, and subscription is adding to their company? It’s difficult to get an accurate look at how much you’ve spent in real time; your information is always out of date, so making impactful budget changes throughout the year is difficult.

The biggest hurdle to spend management that modern-day businesses face is a lag from when spending happens to when the expense is reported. CEO’s and CPA’s have difficulty keeping up with every dollar spent because they don’t receive a complete list of company-wide expense reports until 2-4 weeks after the end of the month, long after the budget has been exceeded.

With so many different obstacles, it would seem that putting time and effort into planning and tracking the company budget is a lost cause.

That’s where Divvy comes in.

Your company budget doesn’t have to be a huge ordeal. With Divvy, you can simplify the process with the click of a button, track your expenses in real time, and finally get a firm grip on proactive spend management for your business.

Unlike other online spend-management tools, Divvy monitors every company purchase in real time and provides truly automated expense reports. Divvy- makes it possible to get an accurate look at your business spending, at anytime, so you can make adjustments to your budget on the fly.

It’s Time to Divvy

Take a powerful, proactive approach to spend management with Divvy, the most secure and automated platform for taking control of your company finances. Our platform is fully loaded with every tool and feature you could possibly need to get a firm grip on the business budget and improve your spend management.

With Divvy, you can:

  • Save hours and hours of time each month by eliminating manual expense reports.
  • Track your business expenses in real time so you’re always well aware of how much you and your employees have spent on what.
  • Improve your financial security by using virtual credit cards for all of your online purchases
  • See where you can cut monthly costs by having all of your subscriptions and recurring payments set up in one place
  • Regulate employee spending with complete and instant control over individual company credit cards through Divvy.

With Divvy, you can finally accomplish a level of spend management that you won’t get anywhere else. With so many game-changing features, you’ll wonder how you ever did business without it.

The best part?It’s completely free.

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