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Team up with us: Divvy Partner Marketplace
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Team up with us: Divvy Partner Marketplace

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Great things are rarely created in isolation. When we rely on each other, we can reach new heights. 

Through the Divvy Partnership Program, we work closely with other financial services and technology providers to deliver a more robust and integrated customer experience.

We created the new Divvy Partner Marketplace to make it easy for customers to browse our partners and learn more about the services they offer.

Who partners with Divvy?

Our partners include accounting and consulting firms, fintech companies, and financial service providers who recognize the value of Divvy as part of a modern financial tech stack.

We have two kinds of partners:

Referral Partners

These companies (usually service providers) refer business clients to Divvy as a way to help them streamline processes, improve financial documentation, and save time. When their clients sign up for Divvy, we handle onboarding, and our partner gets a finder’s fee or revenue share.

Strategic Partners

These companies (usually technology providers) are interested in developing deeper integrations with the Divvy platform. While these partnerships can be more involved, they provide a powerful opportunity for mutual growth.

Why partner with Divvy?

We at Divvy partner with the best. Not only do we want to empower our partners to help their clients and contacts Spend Smarter, we want our customers and site visitors to know about the valuable services our partners provide.

Get paid for referrals

Refer clients to Divvy and earn a finder’s fee or revenue share—from $100 to $10,000—for every referral who signs up.

Leave the onboarding to us

We handle the heavy lifting. We’ll start by giving your clients a demo and showing them how to spend smarter with Divvy. When they sign up, we’re there to lend a hand. 

Streamline your services

Firms who partner with us say they recommend Divvy to all their clients because it saves them time and effort.

Get referrals from Divvy

We work with 4,000 companies from a range of industries who need business services like yours, and who trust Divvy Partners.

How do I partner with Divvy?

It’s not hard to become an official Divvy partner. Our onboarding process will help you become familiar with the tech and the partnership. From there, making referrals is easy. 

If you’re interested in partnering with us, reach out today.

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