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Many of our customers leverage Divvy as a core part of their strategy for managing multiple companies or entities. We know it’s confusing (and time-consuming) to log in and out of different accounts to manage all your spend, so we’re offering a simpler solution.

With multi-company management, you can merge all your Divvy accounts into a single login. Easily switch between company dashboards within Divvy—without logging out. It’s as simple as clicking a drop-down menu. 

Divvy multicompany management

The benefits of multi-company management

Beyond the time you’ll save logging in and out of multiple accounts, consolidating all your companies or entities under one Divvy login provides faster, easier access to spend data for greater productivity. It’s also more secure because you’re only managing one set of account credentials.

In the first quarter since we introduced multi-company management, we’ve already helped Divvy customers consolidate more than 500 accounts—with one customer merging eight entities under one login. That means seven fewer usernames and passwords to manage, plus no-hassle navigation between company dashboards.


Want to know more about connecting multiple companies? Check out this article in our Help Center. 

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