Does your company still do their expense reports manually? Yikes. How much time are you spending on that every month? Probably way more than you’d like to. Manual expense reporting is a complete waste of your time and the company’s money.

Good news, there’s a way you can put an end to the madness. Using Divvy’s online platform and mobile app can eliminate mistakes, save time, and prevent headaches for everyone. Here are five reasons why manual expense reports are the worst and why Divvy  is the solution for your financial business needs.

1. Waste of money

Any smart business professional knows how important it is to cut costs and save your company money where you can. Manual expense reports require more work for everyone: employees, accountants, and managers enter and review the data. Using Divvy can eliminate costs and cut down on time spent for employees filling out and sending in expense reports. Normally, however expense management software is expensive and difficult to implement across your business.That’s not the case with Divvy, because it’s completely 100% free.

2. Take too much time

In the business world where time is money, manual expense reports are a waste of time. It takes time to track and organize receipts, make the expense report, send the expense report to a manager, get the report approved, wait for reimbursements, and then do it all over again. All that time adds up to a huge opportunity cost wasted on expense reporting. Divvy streamlines that process by helping you track expenses and lets managers see what is being spent in real-time so there is no need to wait for a report to be made and sent in to get it approved.

3. Easy to make mistakes

A major pain-point when creating a manual expense report is trying not to make any mistakes and double and triple-checking your work. It’s too easy to make a calculation error or miss something when you are going through receipts for the past month and writing down all your expenses. When mistakes are made, you usually have to wait until the next month to submit your expense report again. Using Divvy to track everything as it happens eliminates the chance of making a mistake completely.

4. Paper records vs. digital records

In a world dominated by smartphones, trying to keep track of a paper trail is too much of a hassle when you can have everything quickly and easily available at your fingertips. Divvy makes it possible to access your receipts and track expenses from anywhere, at any time on your phone or tablet. Divvy lets you work smarter, not harder.

5. Outdated

In this hyper-streamlined technology business environment everything can be handled quickly and more efficiently through technological advances. Yet, most companies still use antiquated spending solutions, such as manual expense reports, company corporate cards, and a reimbursement process for employees who use their personal money to pay for expenses.

The current spending process for many companies is the exact opposite of forward thinking and holds employees and businesses back. Divvy can help move your business into the future with automated expense reporting, hands-on budgeting, virtual credit cards, and more.

Stop wasting time, money, and resources with manual expense reports. Divvy is the expense management solution of every employee’s dream.

Since the Divvy card and software were built together, it is truly a smarter solution than anything your business has had before and saves time and money while reducing mistakes and stress caused by manual expense reports. Get Divvy and start managing your expenses intelligently today!