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Joining forces with
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Joining forces with

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It’s an exciting day for Divvy and our customers. I’m happy to announce that Divvy has entered into a definitive agreement to join forces with Bill.comYou can read more about the news here.

When Alex and I founded Divvy we didn’t set out to build a spend management company. We didn’t set out to build just a credit card. We didn’t even think about budgets or virtual cards that much when we were starting out.

When we founded Divvy we had one thing in mind: supporting the small and medium-sized businesses that are the backbone of the economy. The people running those companies are my idols. I think of them as heroes. I wanted to build a company that would give them the capital they needed and the software to manage it. I wanted to help them grow and thrive.

We started with corporate cards and automated expense reports. We built budgets, virtual cards, send and request flows, and all the other features you love about Divvy today. As we listened to customers we heard you ask for a comprehensive platform. Our customers hated using multiple software systems to manage their finances. 

Your ask became our mission and vision. We committed to building a single platform that would allow you to manage your company’s finances. 

Today I’m proud that Divvy is joining forces with to bring you a “one stop shop” platform you’ve been asking for. 

Once the transaction closes, these two businesses will allow you to have a single solution for all your payments needs. No more wasting time on manual work. No more staying late at the office to close the books. No more waiting for a tool that does everything you need.

At Divvy our customers are our true north, and they always have been. We’re excited to keep listening to your feedback and we’re excited to keep our commitment to building the world’s first and best single solution for your business finances. 

Thank you for all your feedback, support, and trust. We feel you rooting for us and pushing us to be better. In very real ways you are part of our team and the Divvy you know and love will only get better from here.

Read the Divvy + acquisition FAQs here

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