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Our commitment to supporting local businesses
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Our commitment to supporting local businesses

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This “new normal” isn’t normal for anyone and we’re all just doing our best. But no one is feeling the stress of social distancing, self-isolation, and quarantines quite like local businesses.

Local businesses are our community

Historically, recessions hit local businesses the hardest. More difficult access to capital, stricter spending limits, and less time for preparation can all adversely affect small businesses in a recession environment. 

Our hearts go out to the millions of small business owners who are looking at their cash flow statements and wondering how they’re going to make it.

Divvy spends local

We want to show our support of local businesses and our immense respect for their fight by putting money back into our communities. As our employees are setting up their home offices, engaging childcare professionals, and purchasing necessary supplies, we have chosen to specifically put that money back into local companies. 

We announced today that each Divvy employee has been given $150 to spend on local businesses—a little over $50,000 in total. It’s a small contribution, but it’s our way of saying, we’ve got your back. We’ll get through this together. 

We hope this donation will make a difference. Wherever our employees choose to spend, our aim is to keep communities going, and to help local economies—now, and once they’re ready to rebound.

More ideas to support local businesses

Here are some ideas on how individuals and other companies can support local businesses during this time of crisis:

  • Eat local: Order take-out for remote team lunches and tip generously. When possible, choose local alternatives to big name companies. 
  • Pay it safe: Use plastic (rather than check or cash) for vendor purchases or set up virtual card payments.
  • Be patient: Your company isn’t the only one that’s understaffed. Be patient with slower fulfillment processes and understand the hard decisions leaders are making. 
  • Purchase generously: Whether you are buying gift cards for future use or just donating to a local company that has had to shut its doors temporarily, be as generous as you can. 
  • Encourage flexibility: Local consultants and agencies can still be a big boon to your business. Consider more flexible options like virtual lessons, meetings, and consultations.
  • Reach out: Not all local businesses are closing their doors. Before making assumptions, reach out and ask how these companies are adjusting to social distancing and be willing to adapt your needs as well. 

Let’s be kind

We know that this environment is going to slow businesses down—it’s just a fact. But we can be good global citizens by practicing best health practices and be good local citizens by supporting growing businesses. 

Let’s be kind, give each other the benefit of the doubt, and support when and where we can.

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