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Divvy and CEO Score the EPIC and Peak 100 awards
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Divvy and CEO Score the EPIC and Peak 100 awards

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Bright newcomers to Utah’s FinTech space, Divvy and CEO Blake Murray have landed both the Peak 100 and EPIC 100 entrepreneurial awards for reinventing the way businesses tackle budgeting and expenses.

Divvy, a smarter corporate card that works in tandem with the Divvy App, enables companies to control, budget, and distribute company funds simply and effectively. It basically reinvents business expenses, turning a broken system into a manageable process controlled at the spender level.

Tucked into the booming valley of Silicon Slopes, Divvy gleams alongside the brightest stars of industry in Utah. Propelled forward by the focused vision of Blake Murray, Divvy is already making waves, landing both the Peak 100 and EPIC 100 awards this month. Both are awarded by Utah Venture Entrepreneur Forum, a non-profit organization dedicated to recognizing and supporting entrepreneurs in Utah for the past 27 years, and sponsored by Peak Ventures and EPIC ventures respectively.

The EPIC 100 award goes to companies that generate the most buzz that are less than five years old. Officially founded in July, 2016, Blake Murray has wasted no time in carving Divvy’s name into the list of companies to watch. “We dialed in on building a product that works brilliantly with better user adoption, and greater visibility into spend. All of the automation and real-time expense reports that others promise, we actually deliver,” said CEO and creator of Divvy, Blake Murray.

The Peak 100 award gives accolades to innovative entrepreneurs with ties to Utah that most favorably impact the community. Summing up Divvy’s contribution to the business landscape,  Murray said, “We gauge success by helping businesses align their bottom line goals with their actual outcome. Our platform enables companies to establish clear expense targets and arms them with the tools needed to hit the bullseye.”

About Divvy

Divvy dug deep to create the world’s first free, fully-automated budgeting and expense management platform, giving businesses instant visibility and control into company-wide spend. Born from loathing a truly broken process, Divvy turned that legitimate dislike into the catalyst to reinvent. Not even innovate: burn to the ground, salt the earth, and build something that works on new ground—from scratch.

Divvy is the first free and fully automated spend management platform.

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