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When Divvy launched in early 2018, it was clear that our vision for eliminating expense reports, giving control and transparency to budget owners, and creating a software-enabled corporate card for every business struck a nerve. Over the last 18 months, 3,500 businesses from all industries have switched to Divvy to spend smarter, with hundreds more joining every month.

But we’ve known all along that businesses spend even more outside their corporate cards—and that every business has some process for paying invoices using a bill pay system. 

Unfortunately, the options most businesses have today for bill pay are not great:

  • Manually cutting hundreds of checks? That’s a lot of postage, not to mention hours.
  • Manually initiating ACH payments to dozens of vendors? No thanks.
  • Outsourcing bill pay to your bank, and paying them to do it? Pass.
  • Paying a bunch of money for software—just to pay more money? Ugh.

Today we’re excited to announce Divvy Bill Pay: the world’s first completely free bill pay system that also integrates seamlessly with your company’s unique budgets. All done in beautifully-designed software. And yes … it’s completely free.

By adding bill pay functionality to Divvy, it becomes the only platform that combines corporate cards, automated expense reports, easy budgeting, and bill pay all in one place. We’ve made it possible to track invoices in the same easy way (and in the same central place) where you’re already tracking credit card spend: in the Divvy platform. 

After all, our vision is to become the financial nervous system of every company—and Bill Pay is one (big) step in that direction.

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Why Divvy Bill Pay?

  • Track your expenses in one place. With a real-time, consolidated view of credit card and non-credit-card spending, you’ll always know the current status of your budgets.
  • Share responsibility but retain control. Divvy gives you the ability to allow team members to submit invoices, but you maintain control of adding vendors and approving what gets funded and when.
  • Stop writing checks. We remit payments for you, so you don’t have to waste time contacting vendors or writing checks.
  • Save money. Because Divvy Bill Pay is free—like the rest of Divvy—you won’t have to buy AP software (or pay just to pay).

What Divvy customers are saying about Bill Pay

We designed Bill Pay based on feedback from businesses who test drove it during our comprehensive beta. Here’s what several had to say:

“Our AP department has loved Divvy Bill Pay, especially the ability to attach our invoices to the payments. This makes it incredibly easy to look up the transaction’s associated invoice rather than having to look through stacks of paper invoices. It’s nice for managers and directors as well. They don’t need to track down an accountant to view the paper invoice—they can just open up their Divvy account and view the transaction in seconds.”—Ryan Williams, Controller at Kenect

“Before Divvy, we were using a lot of paper checks. Divvy has helped us reduce paper checks—and all that goes into that process. It’s made us more efficient.”—Lon Searle, Consulting CFO at Property Management Inc.

“I like how the invoice is right there. You don’t have to go searching for it. Also, I like the ability to put in the expense codes on the payment. It’s free and it’s very user friendly.”—Brad Beach, Business Manager at Neuromonitoring Associates

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Ready to get started or learn more about Bill Pay?

If you already use Divvy, getting started with Bill Pay is fast and easy—just sign up here. If you’re new to Divvy, get a demo.

If you’re new to Divvy, get a demo today!

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