Some things just go great together: peanut butter and jelly, coffee and donuts, Batman and Robin, Divvy and TripActions. Divvy and TripActions have partnered to make your business expenses and business travel more streamlined, more affordable, and just plain easier with Divvy Travel, powered by TripActions.

The goal of our partnership is to streamline a once clunky travel and expense process by creating a robust and truly enjoyable experience for customers — one that is user-first and ultimately helps you gain more visibility. With Divvy Travel, business travel becomes one with the payment and expense process, all while helping you save more.


But really, what is Divvy Travel?

Divvy Travel takes the stress out of business travel for companies and employees by offering access to an unrivaled travel and expense management experience. Powered by TripActions, the leading corporate travel management company, Divvy users can now book and manage business travel simply and quickly. This will help Divvy customers save time, money, and a whole lot of headaches. With Divvy Travel, companies will enjoy a fully-automated and integrated expense process that tracks travel spending in real-time, reports on budgets at the point of purchase, and keeps money more secure with virtual cards.

What does Divvy Travel give me?

  • A one-stop travel shop –  With Divvy Travel the booking process is simple and fast. Employees will have access to an incredible selection of flights, cars, trains, and over 1.5 million hotel rooms globally. The personalization and ease-of-use reduces the average booking time from an hour to six minutes.
  • Unparalleled customer support –  Friendly and informative support only takes one step. Have a flight delay or early check-in? Divvy Travel’s customer support will sort it out for you. With around-the-clock live support, you can rest assured that we’ve got your back.
  • 97% traveler satisfaction –  Everything you need to book and manage travel takes only minutes. This includes access to an unrivaled inventory of flights, hotels and ground transportation. With Divvy Travel you’ll also get a highly personalized booking experience. Backed by AI and machine learning, Divvy Travel takes into consideration each traveler’s preferences in addition to your organization’s travel policy, eliminating both the need to shop around and concerns about compliance.
  • Book with Divvy Travel and save more –  With Divvy Travel, employees get access to exclusive discounts and the TripActions Rewards Program to help you save even more on business travel. The employee rewards program gives travelers a share of the savings or an opportunity to donate to charity by promoting cost-friendlier options for hotels. On average, businesses will save 34% on hotels.
  • Easy to set up with exceptional visibility –  Since Divvy is already integrated as your expense platform, you can simply set up your travel policy and merge it with your HR system with just a few clicks. Once your company is signed up, your dashboard acts as your control center, providing an easy way to view every detail of your company’s savings, spending, and travel trends.

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