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Divvy and Marqeta partnership means powerful visibility into business expenses
Expense Management

Divvy and Marqeta partnership means powerful visibility into business expenses

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Divvy is excited to share that we are partnering with Marqeta, the global modern card-issuing platform, to power our next generation corporate cards. Marqeta will enable Divvy to offer seamlessly integrated physical and virtual corporate cards with greater spend controls and data insights. This means an easier and more transparent spending experience for all of our customers. 

What will change?

As always, Divvy allows customers to issue a physical or virtual card to each employee with powerful spend controls that give them greater financial peace of mind. Now with Marqeta’s modern card issuing platform, Divvy provides customers with a real-time view of which employee is making a purchase, complete with transaction details including amount and location. 

Marqeta’s tokenization capability will be critical for Divvy, powering unique use cases like the ability to quickly issue cards to employees traveling on business trips and in need of a corporate card. 

Why now?

This partnership is the result of Divvy’s search for better solutions for its customers. “We sought out the most reliable payments platform that would allow us to scale without compromising on quality, especially during this time of rapid growth for our company,” says Blake Murray, Founder and CEO of Divvy. 

“After an exhaustive search,” Blake continues, “Marqeta emerged as the clear winner that would provide us with the best-in-class product experience to support Divvy at scale.” 

This partnership will benefit both parties, as well as anyone who uses Divvy cards. As Vidya Peters, Chief Operating Officer of Marqeta, describes: “Divvy’s customers are benefitting tremendously from this new generation of corporate cards that allow them to see each and every transaction as it happens, giving them powerful visibility into their expenses. Marqeta is proud to partner with them, powering Divvy’s world class card experience with the highest technical standards.” 

Having launched in February 2021, Divvy has already grown into one of Marqeta’s largest card programs.* You can read a detailed case study of the Marqeta and Divvy partnership here.

Are you ready to see what Divvy’s virtual cards could do for your business? Learn more with a free Virtual Card guide or schedule a Divvy demo here.

*Data pulled from Marqeta 2021 internal customer volume transaction data.

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