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Introducing direct budget spend

Introducing direct budget spend

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Our goal at Divvy is to facilitate, not complicate, your business spending. That’s why we introduced direct budget spend, a feature that allows any budget owner to spend their total budget amount. It’s what we call an “executive experience” with seamless spending.

What is direct budget spend?

With direct budget spend, your company can give any budget owner or executive the power to take the lead on assigned budgets, and to spend allocated funds with trust and accountability.

While Divvy has always made it easy to assign funds within budgets—both to budget owners and users—direct budget spend eliminates the need for making assignments. Budget owners can automatically spend any money that is unassigned. If there are multiple budget owners, they all have access to these unassigned funds. 

It’s up to you which budgets are designated for direct budget spend. Toggle the feature on or off any time. 


To learn more about how to use direct budget spend, contact your account executive.

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