Waiting to get reimbursed is a pain. Yeah, by using your personal credit card you may have earned a few SkyMiles or rewards points, but how many times has finance taken longer than usual to reimburse you? Now you’re stuck floating cash while you wait to get reimbursed by your employer for finance charges.

Not only is getting reimbursed as an employee not ideal, but it’s also even a worse idea as an employer. From a budgeting perspective, you have no real information about how much your employees have spent until they all submit their expense reports and your finance team sorts it all out. Yes, you may have budget limits, but you really don’t know for sure how much has been spent in any given month until your finance team sorts it all out. Maybe you went over budget, maybe you didn’t? But you’re at least a month out before you know what’s been spent during the previous month. Good news: it doesn’t have to be this way anymore.

Divvy completely avoids the reimbursement trap. How? With Divvy, every single employee can have a company card (at no cost) and each card can have funds divvied directly to it. Let’s say an employee is taking some clients out for dinner and you estimate that the dinner is going to be around $500. As a budget owner or boss, you can simply load $500 directly to their card from whatever budget you select and you’re done. You may ask yourself, well, what if the dinner cost more than what we estimated? Simple, your employee can request more money through the Divvy app in seconds. Once they make a request, you’ll be instantly notified and you can approve or decline the request on the spot.

Gone are the days of waiting for reimbursements and guessing how much of your budget has been spent every month. With Divvy, there’s no more waiting to see what employee has spent a month after the fact, and employee no longer have to wait to get reimbursed. Best of all, anything the employee purchases can be seen as it happens, in real-time, which eliminates the need for a manual expense report to be submitted. Since Divvy automates the expense reporting process, your finance team won’t even have to put one together at the end of the month. It’s that easy. Best of all, the Divvy credit cards, the software, and the app are completely free.

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