Over the last decade or so, three major expense management deployment options have been readily available to organizations around the world: installed (on-premise), cloud-based (SaaS), and hybrid (on-premise and cloud) solution deployment. In particular, cloud-based expense management solutions have proven to be quite advantageous from a cost, time, and resources perspective for organizations of all sizes. Below are just a few reasons why Divvy’s cloud-based spend management platform benefits companies.


Cloud-Based Mobility

The most obvious benefit offered by Divvy is the ability to access information anywhere. When an employee uses Divvy, their location is the last of your worries. It doesn’t matter if they’re working from home, on the road for a business trip or working from the office. They’ll be able to access their expense-related information with ease.


Better Spending Insights

Divvy allows employees to digitize their expense reports, and complete them with a few clicks, which makes expense reporting more convenient. But, it also allows managers to better understand where the money spent on behalf of their businesses is actually going. The platform allows individuals to conduct audits on each employee automatically. This is a massive improvement from the random, sample-sized audits conducted by businesses that make use of manual expense management techniques. It also allows managers and accountants to study spending tendencies separated by departments, employees, expense types and more.


Digital Receipts

Saving money on all kinds of paper-related resources is one of the benefits for businesses who hop on the Divvy Express. That means employees no longer need to file all their paper receipts. Plus, monthly expense reports are all digital, and related information won’t need to be sent to another office. Divvy lets you reduce the amount of postage you spend and the amount of space taken up by documents. It allows your business to cut down your resources budget by reducing the amount of paper needed for managing expenses. Using Divvy can mean up to a 80 percent cost savings on expense reporting. Employees will save hours every month by using the Divvy application for expense tracking, managers will save comparable hours each month by not needing to manually gather data, and your company will save both time and money as a direct result of Divvy’s easy-to-use and convenient application.


No More Reimbursement

Divvy replaces the need to reimburse employees. With Divvy, you can provide employees with pre-defined budgets via a Divvy physical, virtual, and mobile card. Employees no longer need to use their personal cards and you have complete control and vision into how they use their Divvy card.


Accessing cloud data and charts on computer and iPad

Data-Driven Decision

Divvy provides an end-to-end spend management platform that provides data in real-time for critical decisions around company budgets, spend, expenses, and cash flow. Divvy doesn’t focus on data alone but rather is about spending smarter through data-driven insights and visibility.



Whether you want to save time, save money, or get better control of spending in your company, Divvy’s platform can help. Spend management goes beyond traditional expense management to give you greater control over your finances. Divvy helps you educate employees, encourages improved accountability, and helps protect against fraudulent reimbursements. When you see the savings your company will experience, you’ll wonder why you didn’t find us sooner.

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About Divvy

We dug deep to create the world’s first free, fully-automated budgeting and expense management platform, and it gives you instantaneous visibility into company-wide spend. Born from loathing a truly broken process, Divvy turned that legitimate dislike into the catalyst to reinvent. Not even innovate: burn to the ground, salt the earth, and build something that works on new ground—from scratch.

Divvy is the first free and fully automated spend management platform.

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