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Employees can now submit out-of-pocket expenses and mileage for reimbursement in Divvy. For admins, a two-step approval process allows control without complexity—making reimbursements in Divvy easy to use and painless to administer.

Why Reimbursements?

When Divvy launched in 2018, it was clear that the old way of doing expense reimbursements was just that—the old way. For decades, business owners, controllers and finance leaders made do with a mind-numbing monthly process of expense management—one that afforded no visibility into how much people were spending and forced them to wait days or weeks for expense reports to slowly trickle in. 

Painful? Yes. The solution? Divvy.

By giving every employee a corporate card and allowing each transaction to generate an expense report in real time, Divvy changed expense management forever. Controllers, CFOs, business owners (and their employees) rejoiced, and enjoyed saving time with an easy process. 

We talk to our customers constantly (almost incessantly if you ask some of them) to determine needs and desires for improvements and additions to Divvy. Divvy fanatics are on the same page when it comes to reimbursement: Put everything on your Divvy card for optimal visibility.

They use Divvy in their organizations because we allow them to save time, control spend, and offer the best employee spending experience possible. But much to our chagrin (and theirs) there are just some expenses that cannot be put on a card. Namely:

  1. Out-of-pocket cash expenses
  2. Mileage reimbursements

Today we’re excited to announce that Divvy Reimbursements are available to all of our clients, so they can finally get rid of any other expense reporting solution….forever.

How do Divvy Reimbursements work?

On the mobile app or on web, any Divvy spender can submit a reimbursement request for out-of-pocket expenses, be it mileage or cash:

From there, a manager can approve or deny the reimbursement request. If approved, it’s automatically sent to an administrator on the account who actually funds the reimbursement. Ta-da! That’s it. 

The addition of reimbursement functionality has already delighted many of our customers who were involved in the beta.

Divvy Reimbursements Beta Testimonials

“We used Expensify, another software tool and spreadsheets. With Divvy, having one system for reimbursements (and other card charges) has been really amazing, it’s made tracking so much easier.”Kelsey Haymond, Accounting Clerk

“Divvy has exactly the functionality we need and we only pay for what we use. We save money while still offering reimbursements to the entire company, not just a select few.”Josh Linton, CIO

But, to our surprise, the biggest delight was not something we added, but something they were able to subtract: Many customers were using multiple systems (and paying through the nose for all of them) to manage expenses and reimbursements. 

By capturing these lingering, one-off expenses, many Divvy customers were able to turn off (i.e. stop paying for) additional software like Expensify and Concur—and consolidate it all on Divvy.

Ready to simplify your financial stack?

Signup is simple: Divvy Reimbursements can be turned on in less than 30 seconds within Divvy. There is a small fee for reimbursements, but don’t worry, we charge by submitted report so you only pay for someone who submits for reimbursement, not per user. 

If you know Divvy’s history, a paid feature may seem out of our wheelhouse, but in this case, it’s totally in line with our vision. As a business owner, controller or CFO, you get the most bang for your buck if people spend on their Divvy cards (meaning you reap the rewards of spend and have complete visibility). To help ensure that only the most necessary one-off expenditures get moved into a reimbursement request, we charge a menial fee. Our aim is to ensure people continue to respect the policy you’ve put in place to “keep everything on your Divvy card” unless absolutely necessary.

The feedback of 70 paying customers in our beta has been overwhelmingly positive: The benefit of consolidating their tech stack vastly overshadowed a small, per report fee. (In fact, many customers could cover the costs of Divvy Reimbursements for a few years with just a few months of the annual contracts they had with other vendors for the same functionality.) 

Divvy Reimbursements is just one more step towards our broader vision of offering Expense Management, Spend Management, and AP Management all in one place with beautiful, delightful software. We’re excited to show you even more throughout 2020. Stay tuned!

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