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Divvy loves Accountants: Introducing our new partnership program
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Divvy loves Accountants: Introducing our new partnership program

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Accountants that use Divvy are more than customers, they’re partners

They understand the best practices for managing spend—and have continuously offered some of our most valuable customer insights, informing crucial turns in our product roadmap. They’ve helped us refine our QBO integration and suggested improvements like multi-company management.

Accountants have also become our greatest advocates and naturally recommend Divvy to others.

“We believe Divvy is a good tool for every business,” says Caleb Jenkins, accounting leader at RLJ Financial.

Caleb shares his enthusiasm when he first experienced Divvy: “I just had a lightbulb. I thought, this is amazing because you own the data from beginning to end and you can do powerful things with your software. It’s like Receipt Bank combined with American Express, on steroids.”

Not only are accountants saving time for their clients, but they are saving themselves time when it comes to manual entry and reconciliation. 

“We recommend Divvy to all of our clients,” says Dave Olsen, CEO at Nimbl. One of Nimbl’s favorite Divvy features is the ability to set categories and spending limits on virtual subscription cards. Director of Operations, Christian Tebbs explains, “Having these recurring transactions come in already categorized saves time for bookkeepers.”

We love the perspective accountants bring and the ways they’re helping their clients spend smarter. With the official launch of our Divvy partnership program, we’re celebrating every accounting win—together.

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