Stop paying just to pay.

With Divvy Bill Pay, you can pay all your bills and invoices right from the Divvy platform. Best of all, it’s free.

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Streamline your AP process and increase your view of budgets.

Pay your bills and invoices faster. With Divvy, just add your vendor, create a payment, and you’re done. We take care of the rest.

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How much are you paying to pay invoices?

From time spent calling vendors and writing checks, to ACH fees and expensive software, it may be a higher “sunk” cost than you can stomach.

With Divvy, there’s a better way.

Divvy Bill Pay helps you pay invoices, without actually writing any checks, and offers a real-time view of spending within budgets.

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Flex Plans for Bill Pay.

Qualified Divvy customers have a Flex Limit instantly available. Your limit will be tailored to your company and based on your unique Divvy transaction history.

Here’s what’s included:

Update budgets in real time

Decrement budgets instantly, so budget owners have a true picture of their spending power (regardless of when you choose to fund).

Keep a division of duties

Only admins can fund payment, so you still have final approval of what gets paid.

Control your cash

Anyone can submit an invoice, but you control when funds leave your bank account.

Proactively limit overspending

You can only submit payments against budgets that have enough funds, so it's easy to keep your teams aligned on spending limits.

Play less phone tag

We'll contact your vendors to confirm preferred payment acceptance method—AND actually send payment.

Do it all for free

Not only do you save money on stamps and envelopes, you also stop paying for software just to pay your bills.

Auto-fill invoice fields using OCR

OCR technology automatically suggests important fields when you upload an invoice, saving you time and manual data entry.

See what our customers are saying

“Before Divvy, we were using a lot of paper checks. Divvy has helped us reduce the paper checks—and all that goes into that process. It’s made us more efficient.”

Lon Searle, Consulting CFO

“I like how the invoice is right there. You don’t have to go searching for it. Also, I like the ability to put in the expense codes on the payment. It’s free and very user friendly.”

Brad Beach, Business Manager

“Divvy Bill Pay has been awesome! We create a payment then fund it on the day I want the payment to go out. Divvy’s partner reaches out to the vendor being paid and sets up the preferred form of payment.”

Ryan Williams, Controller

Frequently asked questions:

How much does Bill Pay cost?

Nothing. Zero. Zip. Like Divvy itself, Divvy Bill Pay is a free service.

Do I need credit to use Bill Pay?

No credit is needed. Bill Pay is funded at the time of approval directly through your bank account.

How does Bill Pay work?

  1. Budget owners or admins submit bills or invoices to be funded.
  2. Admins have final approval of which bills or invoices are funded and paid each day.
  3. All daily approved bills or invoices are auto-debited from your bank account using ACH draft.
  4. Payments to vendors are sent out by the fourth business day after being created.

How do bill approvals work?

The admin of a budget can approve or reject payments.

Will I need to provide my bank account information?

Yes. Bill Pay is funded through ACH debits from your bank account, so you need to provide a routing number and account number.

How long will payments take to process?

All approved bill pay submissions will be sent to vendors within four business days.

Do you have OCR?

Yes, Divvy Bill Pay leverages OCR technology to make entering invoices easier. Simply upload an invoice, and our technology works in the background to make suggestions for the most critical fields on the invoice, such as invoice number, amount due, due date, and invoice date. 

Anything else I should know?

Divvy budget rules apply to Bill Pay. If you don’t have funds in your budget, your bill won’t be submitted for funding. As an admin, if you don’t have money in your bank account, your approved bills for that day will be rejected.