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AP Management.

See company spend in real-time when you manage your bills and accounts payable with Divvy. Join the waitlist to use Divvy’s intuitive accounts payable software that consolidates all your spend into one time-saving platform.


Simple, seamless AP management.

Easily receive invoices.

Get approvals across your business.

Pay with ACH, check, or virtual card.

Receive and approve invoices effortlessly.

Email submission to your invoice inbox is fast and reliable. Easily approve invoices across your business with push notifications and email reminders.


Save time on data entry and reconciliation.

Our OCR technology and saved fields do as much data entry as possible for you, and our QBO integration makes it possible to close your AP spend quickly.


Pay your way and earn rewards.

In addition to typical methods like check and ACH, you can pay invoices with one-time use, secure virtual cards. Vendors get paid instantly and you get rewards on the spend.


Save time with AP management in Divvy:

Receive invoices in one inbox.
Leverage a single invoice inbox so no invoice gets forgotten. It’s easy for anyone across your business to submit an invoice.

Assign approvers across your company.
Tag the correct person across your business to approve invoices. Gentle, automatic reminders will help you get the approvals completed.

Include invoices in budgets.
Decrement budgets instantly, so budget owners have a true picture of their spending power (regardless of when you choose to fund).

Pay vendors how they want.
Whether your vendors prefer check, ACH, or virtual card, you can keep them happy by paying them quickly.

View invoice dashboard by status.
Admins are able to filter by status to keep track of their AP pipeline: unpaid, scheduled, initiated, sent, paid manually, and paid.

Control and schedule payments.
Initiate, edit, and cancel payments before they batch. Or schedule payments ahead of time to ensure vendors are paid on time.

Bulk upload and pay.
Mark invoices, delete invoices, or cancel payments in bulk. You can also fund multiple payments at once.

Mark invoices as paid.
Keep a clean system of record for all invoices within Divvy even if you pay vendors outside Divvy. When you mark an invoice as paid within Divvy, you’re keeping your one source of truth intact.

Auto-fill fields with OCR.
When you upload an invoice, Divvy will automatically make suggestions for important fields, like invoice number, amount due, due date, and invoice date.

Code multiple items to one invoice.
Add multiple line items to one invoice to track your expenses across categories.

Add and manage vendors.
The “add vendor” button allows admins to add vendors or leverage CSV templates where you can bulk add vendors via your account manager.

Stop paying just to pay.

Commonly asked questions about AP Management

Can I start using AP Management in Divvy today?

Right now, we are developing a waitlist for first access once we launch. If you want to join the waitlist, please fill out this form.

What is an accounts payable workflow?

The steps each company has in their AP flow can be different, but overall, the workflow should look to reduce manual data entry and external communication (e.g. email chains for approvals) and streamline payments and reconciliation.

What is an AP bill?

A bill is a time-sensitive document that itemizes and records a transaction between a buyer and a seller. A properly recorded bill will generally “accrue” the expense as of the bill date and record obligations to pay the vendor in the future.

What’s the difference between invoicing and billing?

Both invoicing and billing are terms generally used interchangeable, but “invoicing” often refers to something you plan to collect money on, whereas “billing” typically refers to something that you owe money on.

What should you look for in an AP management software?

Whatever your AP workflow is, your AP management software should save you time and make the process of inputting, approving and paying invoices faster. Additionally, AP management software should give you and your company complete visibility into the status of an invoice as well as its effect on your budgets. If you’re looking for ideas on how to optimize your AP process, check out this guide.

Get real-time AP management for your business.

Join the waitlist to use Divvy’s intuitive AP solution that consolidates all your spend into one time-saving platform.