Streamline spend management for your clients.

Accounting firms rely on Divvy to streamline spend management for their clients. With Divvy, you can focus on building relationships and growing accounts, not managing tactical operations.

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Why become a Divvy partner?

Divvy provides you and your clients with an all-in-one business card and expense management platform—and it’s 100% free to use. By combining seamless expense management software with a Divvy Visa® Business card, you and your clients can spend less time on expense reports and more time reaching your business goals.

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Free expense management software

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Customizable implementation

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Live human

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Marketing opportunities with Divvy customers

“On the frustration scale of 1 to 10, managing & tracking our clients’ credit card activity was a 15. Since Divvy, that’s now a 1.”

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Steve Chaney
Managing Partner

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Spend more time on what matters.

Divvy helps you focus more on your firm’s strategic goals, like building efficient workflows, attracting new clients, and growing your services.

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Automate manual accounting tasks

Remove the operational challenges of managing spend and closing clients’ books. Divvy creates efficient processes for the back office services, giving you more time to focus on your clients.

Technology that works for your clients

With user-friendly mobile and desktop apps, clients can access Divvy however they need. Plus, managing spend is a breeze with real-time categorization and customizable budget controls.

Seamless software integration

Stop wasting time bouncing between systems for cards and expense management. Divvy’s software integrations seamlessly sync transactions to your accounting system.

Real-time visibility when you need it

Easily track client spend in real-time from a single dashboard. Since everything is stored automatically, you never have to worry about keeping paper receipts or invoices.

Here’s what your clients get with Divvy:

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Cards for all

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Business credit
they’ll love

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Virtual cards

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Enforceable budgets

move funds from your phone

Instant categorization

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Seamless integrations

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Dispute resolution

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Spend notifications

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Easy card management

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Simple reimbursements

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Live transaction

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Transaction review

Commonly asked questions on our partner programs.

Does being a Divvy partner cost anything?

Nothing—the program is free to join. Plus, you will work closely with Divvy’s incredible Partner Success team for guidance and support throughout the process.

What is the cost to my clients?

The Divvy platform is completely free for your clients too. We earn money off of interchange fees rather than charging users for the software. This ensures we can keep the entire Divvy platform free for you and your clients.

How much can I make from revenue-sharing?

Your Partner Success manager will help you explore your earnings potential. First and foremost, Divvy partners benefit from the recommendation of a truly better—and truly free—software platform to their clients. This helps strengthen relationships and enable the partner to perform their jobs more efficiently.