Hi! We’re Divvy.

Divvy is the whole idea of expenses and budgeting, remade with better tools. We’ve made managing your company spending not only bearable, but enjoyable. Launched in early 2018, we’ve seen rapid growth and incredible feedback from our customers. From huge corporations to small startups, Divvy helps businesses spend smarter.

“Every single day, businesses deal with the pain of outdated expense management tools and processes. Businesses want one place to see and control how their company spends money”

– Blake Murray, CEO
Building a smarter way to spend

Divvy is an entire spent management platform. We’ve got tons more than your normal card provider or expense management software.

Expense reports

We take care of the expense reporting automatically when you spend. That way you never have to worry.

Smarter budgets

Budget the way your company spends. Manage and assign budgets to groups or individuals and track spend in real-time.

Virtual cards

Generate a unique 16-digit card number anytime you need one. Use it for one-time purchases or for your subscriptions.

Send & request

Get money out to your team in seconds with send and request. It’s like Venmo for your business.

Subscription manager

Use virtual cards to see and manage your subscriptions all in one place. Freeze or delete a card anytime.

Travel deals

Get access to great travel deals on Divvy. We beat the big name booking sites by up to 50%.

We should also mention: It’s free.*

* We don’t charge for any of it.

See how much Divvy can save you.